My husband gave me an awesome Nikon 3100 for Christmas. I absolutely love it, but I really have no clue how to use its many features. To help me learn how to use it, I may or may not be joining a photography club. The instructor of this club has suggested we begin a project called 365, in which you take a photo every day of the year. I love challenges and I love blogging... so this is my attempt at Project 365.


Day 9

Story: I am kind of what you could call a "pageant girl," or at least I used to be. I still love pageants and help with our local pageant each year. In honor of Miss America coming up this week, here's a pic of my crown.


Day 8

Story: This is the deliciousness that I just made. I can't wait to eat it tomorrow!! (I found this recipe on my friend's blog.)

Day 7

Story: Taking one picture everyday is kind of hard. Somedays you're just going to see my sweet little guy.

Day 6

Story: My husband has a collection of weird random trinkets. There are some of those things.


Day 5

The Story: Santa brought Baby C a super fun activity bouncer thing. This little guy absolutely loves it! 

About This Photo: Added an antique effect. 


Day 4

Story: No story. Just wanted to show the beautiful ice sickles and let you know... it's COLD outside!

About this Photo: Set my camera setting to close up. Using iPhoto, I faded the coloring of this picture just a bit to add a softening effect.


Day 3

Story: This is my sweet little pup. This poor girl hasn't been feeling well lately. But after a trip to the vet and a prescription, she is feeling a lot better.  I love this dog because she's a great cuddler, she helps me feel better when I'm sad, and because she entertains the whole family. (Baby C loves this dog! He giggles at her all the time.)

About this Photo: I edited this photo in Picasa using Picnik. I upped the fill light and used the winterize feature.